Loser…Above the Rest Mascot, or Just a Sad, Sad Dog?


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Loser...Above the Rest Mascot, or Just a Sad, Sad Dog?

I had to put this in as the first image in the ATRC Animals page. Loser got himself stuck in the sleeve of my jacket…not the first time. He had rolled off the ottoman where he was sleeping at the offices of AboveTheRest-East, and was inch-worming his way to me in the bedroom, whining pitifully. He’s a sad, sad excuse for a dog, but we seem to be stuck with him. ;o)

Armadillo Grill, Blairsville, GA


There’s a relatively new game in town and it’s located about 20 miles east on Hwy 129 in Blairsville. The Armadillo Grill is a casual, fun restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. They serve wine and beer, and a menu that is decidedly Tex-Mex.

It was a crab-cake sandwich for me, served on Texas Toast with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce, plus a salad.  Delicious!  I had the house Cabernet and it was very nice.

David took on the chopped steak smothered with onions and mushrooms, fries and a salad.  He thought the salad was a little weak, but everything else earned high marks.

Service was prompt and friendly, there’s a large fireplace in the main dining room, ample parking and no televisions blaring.  The bill came to $39.47 before tip.  They do ask for ID before serving regardless of age so be prepared for that.

Recommend for convenient, fun outing appropriate for families or couples.

For convenience, atmosphere, menu variety and cost, we recommend.  Enjoy!